Profiles TV Show Breaking New Ground on Cable

profiles-series-logo2The Profiles TV show reviews many of the most important issues facing our society including those that impact Americans from their living room to the classroom and to the boardroom. As technology and other factors impact the way we live our lives, the TV program will be exploring many of the ways our world is changing.

This technology is altering the way we connect with others. Mobile devices have given us nearly limitless access to the information of the internet and this information can be used to help us work more efficiently from any location, spend our money more wisely by surveying the opinions of others about a product or service, and stay in touch with our friends and family.

Technology is also helping us live healthier as well. New advances in medicine are giving doctors new tools to fight disease and illness, and In Focus with Martin Sheen is talking to medical professionals and researchers about these advances.

In the coming months, public television audiences will also see how technology is changing the American classroom into a dynamic setting for learning, where teachers have new ways to keep their students engaged in their schoolwork.

For more information on when the Profiles Series will air in individual markets around the country, check local listings.


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